HTML Editors and Saving Your Webpages

In order to get started with HTML you will only need a text editor.

Text Editor For Windows

Notepad (available on Windows) is perfect for you to use when creating your web pages.

However, I’ve found Notepad++ (get it by clicking here) adds a bit of color to your code to make things a bit more presentable.

Opening either program is easy to do once your download and installation is complete. Just navigate to the start menu and type “Notepad or Notepad++“.

Text Editor For Mac

Mac users can use the TextEdit program. To access this:

1) Go to: Finder > Applications > TextEdit

2) Ensure you change the preferences here to plain text by going to Preferences >> Format and selecting Plain Text.

3) Afterwards, navigate to where it says “Open and Save” and ensure you select the checkbox “Ignore rich text commands in HTML files”.

That’s pretty for it for Mac. You’ll then just need to open a new document and start coding.

Saving Your Webpage

HTML files are saved with the extension “.html“. It’s easy to do.

Copy the code below and paste it into your text editor:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> My webpage </title>

Now if you wanted to save the document as an HTML file called webpage1 you would do this:

1) Navigate to “File” and click “Save As.”

2) Enter the file name in this case webpage1.html (notice the .html extension).

3) Now change Save as Type to “All Files“.

4) Change “Encoding” to UTF-8. This is recommended for HTML files.

5) Save it! 🙂

It’s easy to save your HTML file.

Saving your web page may differ from one text editor to the next. But the important thing to remember is the .html extension.