My Story

So I’m guessing you’re here because you want to know a bit more about the person behind this website. I can’t blame you, it’s always best to connect with people and check out their credentials before you listen to a word they say.

Well Here’s my Story

I’m a professional website developer and have been for the last 5 years. My passion for the internet started way back in high school and followed me into my University years where I pursued a degree in Information Technology, attaining my Bachelors back in 2012.

I left University back in 2012 to begin my journey as a website developer

Since graduating, I worked for a local Internet Marketing Company that managed the social media pages of many local brands. The knowledge I got from this experience as well as my enthusiasm for learning and experimenting on my own enabled me to become a master of my craft.

One of the most essential skills that I’ve polished and made my own is that of freelancing. In fact, I’m a part of a team who conducts monthly boot camps in Jamaica where we show people How to Make Money Online by being a Freelancer. I’m also the lead trainer of my own boot camp where I teach others how to build professional websites using WordPress (that awesome Content Management System you see me gloat a lot about).  Check out my FREE course to learn more on WordPress.

A bit blurry, but that's me teaching a next batch of Freelancers
A bit blurry, but that’s me teaching a next batch of Freelancers

So all this makes me feel pretty confident about teaching you what I know. My personal goal is and always have been to continue working on my own (and never have to turn to a 9 – 5 job again). I’ve been pretty fortunate thus far.

Through my freelancing career I’ve managed to work with clients in over 50+ countries. I’ve encountered challenge after challenge creating everything from simple static HTML websites to complex E-Commerce sites (Yikes!). But through it all I managed to come out victorious and learn something new.

Here’s a snapshot of the countries I have clients from thanks to Freelancing.

The knowledge goes far and wide. Everything from helping clients pick a domain for their business, suggesting the best web host then creating their beautiful website – I’ve done it all.

The Story Behind

I created New2HTML back in 2010 when I had just been introduced to HTML. It was created as a “study guide” of some sort to help me remember what I was being taught in class.

I found out that what I was posting online was actually helping others (my classmates and random visitors) so that inspired me to continue posting tutorial guides as I was learning myself.

Unfortunately, that didn’t last long (lol!)

I got so busy and tied up focusing on other projects that I pretty much neglected the website for about 3 years. Since 2016, I decided to re-launch under a simpler design and start pushing more web development tutorials.

Here to stay this time, I promise!

You’ll find that these days the site is more focused on WordPress and that’s because it’s one of the best starting points for anyone looking to launch a website. There will always be the basic HTML and CSS tutorials though (because that’s how I started). But I gotta embrace my newly found passion.

Take a walk Down Memory Lane

Here’s a few screenshots of what New2HTML used to look like:

From my initial launch back in 2010 as I was learning how to code. Pretty amazing start for a beginner huh?
The website was relaunched in 2012 to have a fresh new look

Oh boy oh boy does this bring back memories. Since 2016, I relaunched New2HTML for yet a third time. While the older versions of the site was built on HTML, CSS and PHP, I decided it was best to transfer everything over to WordPress.

This just makes my life much easier and now I’m able to add feature-rich functionality and add a ton more content with ease.

To this day, I continue to inspire and educate through my written and video tutorials in an effort to help other beginners learn and develop as I have.

It is my hope that these tutorials will create professional web developers who blossom and become masters of their own craft. So stick around and browse. Let’s learn together.

Talk Soon,
Michael Rainford