Web Development CSS Tutorials

CSS is used to add style to your HTML web pages. It can be used to add color, fonts and backgrounds.

If you haven’t taken the HTML tutorials as yet then I recommend you start there. You should proceed with the CSS tutorials after you have an understanding of how to create a web page which you will get by going through the training.

CSS Described in Summary

  • CSS Stands for Cascading Style Sheets
  • It is used to add color and design to HTML elements
  • CSS helps to enhance the overall user experience of site visitors by presenting the content in a meaningful, eye-appealing way
  • It saves time by allowing you the web developer to apply a single style to multiple pages at once (external style sheets)

Here’s a quick introduction video that will help you to understand a bit more:

What program do you Need to Write CSS?

To begin styling your pages you’ll need to write some CSS. The styles for this are applied using stylesheets and to create a stylesheet you need nothing more than good ol’ faithful Notepad. or Notepad++.

These are the same programs you used when writing HTML.

You can get Notepad++ for FREE here:

CSS is the next step after you understand the basics of HTML. Consider it a stepping stone — master the basics first. If you’re ready to dive in, click the next lesson button below.