Welcome to HTML – An Introduction

So you’ve decided you wanna learn some HTML huh? First let me congratulate you for taking this important first step.

HTML is simple and easy-to-learn and should be the starting point for anyone who wants to venture into creating a website from scratch.

What is HTML?

  • HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is used to create a web page for the world wide web.
  • Every web page has a basic structure which includes a set of mandatory tags.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> My first web page </title>
I just created my first web page!

Understanding the HTML Structure

  • The <!DOCTYPE html> is a declaration to tell your browser what version of HTML you are using. In this case HTML 5.
  • The <html> element defines an html document. Every html document should also have a <head> tag and a <body> tag.
  • The <head> element contains information about the page.
  • The <title> element allows you to provide a title for your web page. You can see this if you look at the very top of the browser window.
  • Within the <body> is where you’ll write all your content and other HTML code. This includes all the headings, paragraphs, images and forms etc. which you will learn as you progress through each of the tutorials.

That’s all there is to the structure of a web page. Please keep in mind that each tutorial from now on will only present snippets of a code.

Using Tags in HTML

Tags are often used to start a paragraph (<p></p>), bold some text (strong></strong) or make your text be in italics (<em></em>).

  • Each tag has a opening and a closing (like <p>Some text here…</p>)
  • Ensure you close each tag in order (e.g. <p><em>Some text here…</em></p>)
  • There are a number of tags which we will discuss later down in the training.